Reptanicals Anti Mite & Fungal Care
apply reptile anti mite
Anti-Mite & Fungal Care
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Anti-Mite & Fungal Care

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Fight Fungus!
STOP mites in their tracks NOW!
Control pesky mites in your enclosure and on your animal without the use of harsh chemicals! Alleviate irritated skin, repair damage, and treat the source of the problem all at once. Reptanicals Anti-Mite melts and spreads beneath scales allowing powerful Tea Tree oil to kill the mites and their eggs where they live. Reptanicals Fungal Care, a powerful anti-microbial salve, soothes and protects sores caused by fungal infections, while eliminating the fungus on site. Safe for use on open wounds. When a thin layer is applied to affected area, it forms a powerful barrier that holds in moisture and blocks bacteria.
Ingredients:  Virgin Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Food Grade Vitamin E Oil(natural preservative)
100% Organic and GMO-free. No Added Colors. Veterinarian Approved!
Instructions:  Apply thin layer  to affected areas twice daily until symptoms clear-avoid using around eyes. Product can be warmed to liquid and applied by dropper.
Applying Reptanicals Anti Mite Fungal Care