Applying Reptanicals Guide

Here is a quick guide on how Reptanicals healing products can be easily applied

Apply Reptanicals

 For use as a 'Liquid-Bandage' apply a thick layer of Reptanicals solution upon targeted area. This will act as a protective barrier and to keep area moist while healing.

 apply reptanicals wound care

Reptanicals can also be warmed to cream or liquid state for easier application. Our formulas absorb quickly and won't leave a greasy residue behind!

Pipette reptanicals salve

Place glass Reptanicals jar in sunny window to liquefy, then pipette up solution and use dropper to apply. That simple!

 Warm Reptanicals in window

Reptanicals solutions may under go natural changes due to temperature fluctuation. They may become firmer in cold temperatures or liquefy in warm. This is a natural process and will not damage or degrade product in any way. If formula becomes too firm it can be placed in warm water until softened to desired consistency. Jars that become too soft or liquefied may be moved to a cool dry space to solidify.