Armadillidium nasatum - Peach Isopods

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Reptanicals Peach Armadillidium Nasatum Isopods are a hardy species perfect for bio-active setups. Also known as the Nosy Roly Poly they are color morphs of the typical European Gray Armadillidium nasatum. These are a peach color, more slender, and have a bump in the front of their anterior between their antennae. Nosy Roly Poly's are incredibly active and fun to watch, not to mention a nutritious feeder option for poison dart frogs.

10 ct breeding sub-adults (packed in moss in 4oz cup)

Difficulty: Beginner

Size: .65+ inches.

Housing: Plastic storage bin or glass terrarium

Food Preferences: freeze dried shrimp, vegetables, dried leaves, wood, grasses, and decaying matter, Reptanicals Isopod Feeder Feast

Temp Requirements: approx. 65 Degrees to 85 Degrees. Extreme cold and heat can be lethal

Breeding: Easy - with proper care sub-adults will begin to breed before reaching full size

Substrate: Coconut coir, peat moss, or Reptisoil, slightly moist with a layer of leaf litter

Humidity: slightly humid    

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