Isopod Feast Reptanicals, isopod feast 1.3 oz
Reptanicals Isopod Feast Instructions
Isopod Feast Reptanicals, Bio-Active Food
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Isopod Feast - 1.3oz

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Ideal for gut-loading!
Quality you can SEE! Don't be fooled by powdered substitutes.

Reptanicals' Isopod Feast is a premium complete isopod diet with whole ingredients you can see, such as dried kale and river shrimp. Our biologist developed formula is teeming with essential vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and protein to provide optimal nutrition. Healthier isopods mean healthier reptiles - and healthier isopods mean the populations BOOM! Our Isopod feast is the original "isopod salad" providing a variety of food that increase overall culture health, encourage robust breeding, and help offspring to grow and thrive. Not to mention - they LOVE the stuff. So do many reptiles, so don't be suprised when your beardie or tortoise chow down too! Don't just take our word for it... let your own isopods do the talking... still need more convincing, check out some of our reviews below...

Suitable for all isopod species.

Isopod Feast Crude analysis
Ingredients:  Kale, River Shrimp, Carrots, Peas, Oak Leaves, Mushrooms, Squash Seeds, Oyster Shell.
Feeding Instructions:  Feed 1-2 Tbsp in dry area weekly depending on culture size. Remove any uneaten food after (up to) 72 hours (in humid enviroments to prevent  mold)
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