Philippine yellow bellied Mourning gecko on leaf
Juvenile Yellow bellied Philippine mourning gecko parthenogenic
Philippine yellow bellied mourning gecko with her eggs Reptanicals
juvenile yellow belly of Philippine mourning gecko Reptanicals
Yellow Bellied Mourning gecko on cork bark

Philippine "Yellow Bellied" Mourning Gecko Hatchling (Lepidodactylus lugubris)

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Captive born/bred

Philippine Mourning Geckos (Lepidodactylus lugubris) - Hatchling


These adorable Mourning Geckos come from the Philippine islands and are known for their striking bright yellow bellies, for which they are named. Mourning Geckos also get their name because they are an all female species said to be mourning the loss of the males. So how does the species continue without males? They are parthenogenic - meaning the females lay eggs that are little clones of themselves.

Available as a single gecko, or group packs

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"Yellow Bellied" Philippine Mourning Gecko Hatchling

Sold as hatchlings (typically 1-1.5" long at around 3-8 weeks old).

These little geckos are incredibly fun and rewarding pets. Keep them in a bio-active set up and they will always have a supply of food! Mourning geckos are easily housed in groups and are very social. Listen carefully and you'll hear them chirping at one another. A great species for beginners, classrooms, and those who want a reptile - but don't have a lot of space.


Difficulty: Beginner

Size: 4 inches (as adult)

Lifespan: 10-15 years in captivity

Housing: Glass terrarium (at least 3-5 gallons per adult individual) Can be housed in groups (they live well in groups and will chatter to each other)

Food Preferences: Fruit Flies, tiny crickets, tiny mealworms, springtails (hatchlings), crested gecko food 

Temp Requirements: approx. 70 Degrees to 85 Degrees. A basking lamp can be used to create a heat gradient

Breeding: Easy! Geckos housed in groups will begin producing eggs once they reach maturity. geckos will attach their eggs to areas around their enclosure. Eggs can be left alone and will hatch on their own. 

Substrate: Coconut coir, peat moss, or Reptanicals' Super Substrate, slightly moist with a layer of leaf litter or cork pieces.

Humidity: 50-70% humidity. Misting can be a useful tool in maintaining humidity. Geckos prefer to drink drops of water off of glass surfaces and plant leaves rather than from a dish. A gradient should be maintained to create optimal conditions with one side being dry and the other moist.  

Lighting: These geckos are nocturnal and do not need special lighting, but they do appreciate a basking bulb. We have found that newly hatched geckos can often be found out during the day near their basking areas. We also provide 5.0 UVB to simulate natural sun. While not considered necessary, we feel like it improves the overall health of the animals.              


Our Geckos are fed Reptanicals' Fruit Flies, tiny crickets, micro mealworms (raised on Reptanicals' Feeder Feast), and crested gecko food (they prefer ZooMed's Watermelon and Mango in our experience). They are kept in Bio-active enclosures equipped with a layer of Reptanicals' Bio-Base Layer, followed by a layer of Reptanicals' Super Substrate, sprinkled with leaf litter. We aim to give the most natural environment possible by including plants, moist sphagnum and pillow mosses (to help maintain humidity) and lots of cork tunnels and bamboo tubes for enrichment.


Isopods and springtails are natures' janitorial crews! Add them to your home enclosure to create a Bio-Active ecosystem like nature intended. Isopods reduce mold, feces, decaying matter, and improve substrate health! All while providing a calcium rich, nutritious snack for your critters to enjoy any time they wish.




Shipping: All live reptiles are shipped Monday-Wednesday via 1-Day Priority Express Mail or FedEx Overnight 

Gecko orders placed on or after Wednesday at 10am will ship the following week to avoid spending the weekend at the post office or on a truck. Someone must be present to accept package delivery.

Hatchling geckos can drop their tails due to the stress of shipping. This is a rare occurrenceit does not hurt them, and they'll grow back. 


To choose FedEx Overnight, geckos must be purchased on their own.


For combined orders, Priority 1-Day will be automatically chosen at checkout. 

Geckos may ship separately from other items ordered at the same time 



Cold Temps: All orders are extremely well insulated. If your area is experiencing temperatures below 45*F, for LAG you must select FedEx Overnight OR Priority Express 1-Day AND for LAG we reserve the right to mark box "HOLD at Post Office."

Hot Temps: Cold packs are included free of charge. For temps exceeding 95*F: LAG you must select FedEx Overnight OR Priority Express AND for LAG we reserve the right to mark box "HOLD at Post Office."

If temperatures exceed 100*F, we reserve the right to delay shipping until cooler temperatures resume.  


For complete LAG see Shipping Policies

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