Leucistic juvenile tortoise figure by Bandai Kame 05
Bandai Kame 05 Leopard tortoise figurine set
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Leucistic Leopard Tortoise Figure - juvenile (Kame 05 by Bandai)

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Juvenile Leucistic Leopard Tortoise Figurine by Bandai (Kame 05)

Leucistic Leopard Tortoise (juvenile)

From Bandai's fifth installment of the Kame line (Part of the Diversity of Life Series), comes the mesmerizing tortoise figurines! These are based on African Leopard Tortoises! Figures in the Kame line are known for their intricate design, multiple points of articulation, and for their striking intricate details. While technically toys, these figures are more for display or instruction than for play. The Kame 05 set features five figures, 1. Leopard Tortoise (Adult) 2. Leucistic Leopard Tortoise (Adult) 3. Leopard Tortoise (Juvenile) 4. Leucistic Leopard Tortoise (Juvenile) 5. Golden Alligator Snapping Turtle

*This listing is for the Juvenile Leucistic Leopard Tortoise (04)

You will receive a new, unopened tortoise figure in factory sealed plastic from Bandai. They come with a paper from Bandai - written in Japanese. 

Only a limited number of these toys were produced and they were all pre-sold to distributors prior to being made. All the figurines are only released in Japan and can be difficult to find, individual figures could not be purchased by consumers as they were originally sold for use in gashapon machines, and collectors had to rely on luck of the draw (or drop in the case of gashapon). While suitable for education, these figures are intended as collectibles for adults. The figures require a small amount of assembly before they are ready for display. 

Type: Juvenile Leucistic Leopard Tortoise

Length: 80mm

Approx. Scale: 4.6 :1

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer: Bandai

Country of Release: Japan




Additional figures not included. Shown for reference purposes only.