Reptanicals Fruit Fly Feast Premium Fly Culture Food
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Fruit Fly Culture
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Fruit Fly Feast

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Reptanicals Fruit Fly Feast
Makes: 5x (32oz cultures)
Great for gut-loading!
Reptanicals Fruit Fly Feast provides optimal nutrition for the entire fly life cycle. Not only is our food free of chemicals and artificial mold inhibitors, it contains essential vitamins and minerals along with natural plant-based color enhancers. This nutrient packed food has been specially formulated for optimal gut-loading of feeder flies for healthy, vibrant reptiles with.
Available in two convenient sizes for making 5 or 10, 32oz fly cultures. Look for our Reptanicals Fruit Fly Kits to keep your culture going indefinitely!
How does it prevent mold?  We use powdered potato instead of flaked, which helps to hold in additional moisture. Oddly enough, most cases of mold inside fruit fly cultures is due to low humidity. In our liquid mixture we use Apple Cider Vinegar, a natural mold inhibitor, in addition to boiling the water to avoid introducing any outside pathogens.   
Why does it work? Simple answer - you are what you eat. Our Fly Feast is completely natural and bursting with vitamins and minerals - plus plant based color boosters. This means flies raised on Fruit Fly Feast will be healthy and happy, and so will your reptiles that dine on those happy flies! All while helping them to exhibit their brightest, most vibrant colors.
How long does a bag last? Each bag makes 5x, 32oz cultures. Each culture will last 1-2 months depending on how often you feed. So each bag will last 5-9 months depending on your usage.

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Ingredients: Potato, Sugar, Brewers' Yeast, Calcium, Reptile Vitamins with beta-carotene (natural color enhancer).