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Chinese Praying Mantis L4-L5

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Natural  Organic  Captive Born/Bred
  Live L4-L5 Chinese Mantis
 (1 1/4" - 1 3/4" long)
Shop with confidence from the very same invertebrates supplied to stores, rescues and zoos!

Chinese Mantids (Tenodera sinensis) also known as Giant Asian Mantids (at least in the US, and when put into comparison against other locally established species.  Not to be confused with Hierodula Burmeister, the largest genus of the order Mantodea - with 113 species/subspecies - also commonly referred to as Giant Asian Mantids) are a great way for beginners to experience raising these fascinating creatures. Mantids eat live prey and feeding time can be a fascinating spectacle to behold. We have raised numerous specimen that will readily take a mealworm from carefully positioned fingers, walk on a hand, or sit and ponder the meaning of life on a palm. These are a hardy (occasionally friendly) species that range from brown to green to golden in color and can reach up to 4" in length.

Shipped in a 16oz deli cup with a perch, moss, and enough food for the journey.


These captive born/bred mantid juveniles have molted at least three times, are healthy, and about two months old. They have been raised on fruit flies fed exclusively Reptanicals' Fruit Fly Feast, ensuring optimum health and nutrition for our mantids. They are currently eating Golden Hydei (with the odd tiny mealworm treat here or there - raised on Reptanicals' Feeder Feast)

Chinese mantids make excellent pets, teaching tools for kids, unique feeder insects, or use for pest control (interior, please do not release into wild). These large, (when adult) intelligent insects happily watch people, pets, and general activity around them and make great, unique office companions too!

Tenodera sinensis - Chinese Praying Mantis

Difficulty: Beginner

Housing: Alone- Vented plastic storage bin (32oz min) or glass terrarium.

Enclosure should provide ample space for mantis to move and should be at

least 3x taller than the mantis’ body length.

Food Preferences: Hydei Fruit Flies, mealworms, waxworms, small crickets,   

gut load your mantis’ feeders with Reptanicals' Feeder Feast and Reptanicals' Fruit Fly Feast

Temp Requirements: approx. 65 Degrees to 85 Degrees. Extreme cold and heat can be lethal

Breeding: Easy - with proper care, but feed females EXTREMELY well before mating or they may cannibalize their mate.

Substrate: Coconut coir, peat moss, or Reptanicals' Bug Bedding, slightly moist with moss on one side

Humidity: slightly humid to dry. (Mist just one side of the enclosure, with large drinkable drops, to create a moisture gradient)

Enrichment: Provide Manzanita branches (or other hard woods that won’t rot) for climbs and be sure to include a lid or other area where the mantid can hang upside down to molt.

NOTE: We suggest a bio-active set up with both springtails and isopods to keep your mantid enclosure clean and to eat molts and leftover food. (Mantids are messy eaters!) Isopods reduce mold, feces, decaying matter, and improve substrate health! All while providing a calcium rich, nutritious snack for your critters to enjoy any time they wish.


Feed your mantis as needed every other day. If you notice red bands on the sides of its belly – it is full – no need to feed today!


***Need a complete set-up for your Mantis? Look for our "Complete Bio-active Mantis Kit" listing that includes a 32oz enclosure cup, vented cloth molting lid, Reptanicals Super Substrate, deluxe Manzanita perch and straight Manzanita perch, moss, PLUS springtails and isopods for a complete bio-active set-up!



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Orders placed on or after Wednesday at noon will ship the following week to avoid spending the weekend at the post office or on a truck. Someone must be present to accept package delivery.


Cold Temps: All orders are extremely well insulated. If your area is experiencing temperatures below 45*F, for LAG we reserve the right to mark box "HOLD at Post Office".

Hot Temps: Cold packs are included free of charge. For temps exceeding 85*F: LAG we reserve the right to mark box "HOLD at Post Office".

If temperatures exceed 100*F, we reserve the right to delay shipping until cooler temperatures resume.  


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