Tropical White Springtails for sale Reptanicals closeup of Collembola springtail
Reptanicals 8oz Tropical White Springtails on Charcoal
Tropical white Springtails dart frog food bioactive bugs clean up crew
Springtails for Sale
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Tropical white Springtails dart frog food bioactive bugs clean up crew
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8oz Tropical White Springtail Culture : Charcoal

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8oz Charcoal Springtail Culture 
Reptanicals Tropical White Springtails (Collembola sp.) are a small species of arthropods that make are excellent feeders for dart frogs and hatchling reptiles. They are an especially vital component to going Bio-active. These tropical white Springtails can be added to virtually any enclosure and are especially helpful in humid tanks and terrariums as they eat mold and detritus. We are the premier springtail providers to numerous public and private establishments for a reason.
Our well established, organic cultures ship hopping with hundreds (400+) of springtails including, eggs, juveniles and adults in each 8oz container.
Keep your culture thriving indefinitely by feeding weekly with Reptanicals Springtail Feast!
See our page on Going Bio-Active for more information.

Tropical White Springtails (Collembola sp.) 

Care (as culture): Keep culture evenly moist, by misting with distilled water as necessary. A small layer of water at the base of culture can be used to maintain humidity. To feed: Sprinkle a light layer of Reptanicals Springtail Feast in an area the size of a quarter. Repeat 24-48hours after all previous food has been consumed. Keep at room temp for best results.

Directions (as feeders): With lid removed, hold culture over enclosure at a 45 degree angle. Gently add distilled water to high side of the culture with a sprayer.  Springtails will float and collect on water surface. Pour desired number of springtails into enclosure.
Springtail FAQ;
Do Springtails swim?
No. Springtails float, they do not swim. Any liquid at the base of your culture cannot be utilized by your springtails. It is just a humidity source.
Also, any charcoal beneath the surface of the water cannot be utilized by your springtails, they lose access to all that surface area for living and breeding in. Peat moss cultures should never have water at the bottom of them.... that is too wet and will likely drown the springtails or trap them in collapsed tunnels.
Aren't Smaller charcoal chunks better for springtails?
...The reasoning behind this is because they have more surface area? Right? 
Truth is, with many of the small chunk charcoal on the market, the charcoal is already starting to degrade. The fabulous tiny pockets in the surface that the springtails lay their eggs in and juveniles hide in, have collapsed and the charcoal is beginning to turn to dust. When this happens there is actually far less usable surface area for the springtails to live on.
This is why we produce our own Reptanicals Coarse Horticultural Charcoal for our springtails. Our sustainable sourced all natural hardwood charcoal comes in large chunks (1+"), providing ample surface area for springtails to flourish.
Can I feed my springtails plain brewers yeast?

You can, but it is an inadequate diet. For cultures that boom bigger, faster feed Reptanicals Springtail Feast. Our biologist developed formula is an all natural, high quality, nutrient dense, complete diet. But don't take our word for it... let your cultures do the talking.


Shipping: All live orders are shipped Monday-Wednesday. Door delivery is available for Priority and Express Mail only. Springtails shipped via First Class Mail will be marked "HOLD at Post Office" NO Exceptions. Springtails purchased with isopods will automatically be upgraded to Priority Mail for no additional charge.

Orders placed on or after Wednesday at noon will ship the following Monday to avoid spending the weekend at the post office or on a truck. Someone must be present to accept package delivery.


Cold Temps: All orders are extremely well insulated. If your area is experiencing temperatures below 45*F, for LAG we reserve the right to mark box "HOLD at Post Office".

Hot Temps: Cold packs are included free of charge. For temps exceeding 95*F: LAG we reserve the right to mark box "HOLD at Post Office".

If temperatures exceed 100*F, we reserve the right to delay shipping until cooler temperatures resume.  


For complete LAG see Shipping Policies

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