Cropak Phase 22
Reptile Cryopak phase 22
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6 oz Cryopak Phase 22

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Cryopak Phase 22 packs help keep temperatures at 72°F. Phase change materials offer advanced thermal protection for temperature-sensitive products that require storage within very specific temperature ranges during shipping. Whether a product needs to be frozen, refrigerated, or stored at room temperature.

Weight: 6 oz

Package Size: 5" x 6" x 3/4"

Key Features:

  • Most used for applications that need to maintain a controlled room temperature
  • Phase change temperature is 22°C(71.6°F)
  • Provides thermal protection when shipping products between 15-30°C
  • When used as liquid, keeps contents warm
  • When used as solid, protects contents from heat
  • Available in flexible and rigid packaging