Reptanicals 5-in-1 calcium supplement
Reptanicals 5 in 1 calcium instructions
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5-IN-1 Calcium Supplement

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The ultimate calcium mix for exotic isopods species such as Cubaris!
 Premium ocean based calcium sources including coral and limestone!

Reptanicals’ all natural, sustainably sourced 5-in-1 Calcium Supplement has been developed by our experts to create the optimal calcium blend for exotic isopods. Our top quality, premium ingredients offer not only vital minerals, but a variety of textures and sizes that can be readily consumed by mancae and adults alike. Offering not only nutrition but entertainment! It doesn’t end there, 5-in-1 is also readily adored by tortoises and birds too! Packed with essential calcium from a variety of unique sources ensures that ALL your isopods will find a calcium source they just can’t get enough of.

Ingredients: Oyster Shell, Coral, Limestone, Cuttlebone, Granite
Feeding Instructions:  Provide a 1-2 tablespoon pile of Reptanicals 5-in-1 Calcium Supplement for an 8qt culture. Or sprinkle 5-in-1 lightly over substrate. Can also be mixed into substrate for burrowing species

Guaranteed to promote healthy growth when paired with a complete diet such as Reptanicals Isopod Feast.