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Isopod Breeder Kit

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Reptanicals Isopod Breeding Kit is a complete setup for novices and experienced breeders alike to culture isopods at home. Biologist designed to provide key minerals, enrichment, and a perfect environment to create a thriving colony. To set-up, remove the contents of the breeding kit from the container. Pour out the bag of Reptanicals Isopod Breeding Substrate, top with scattered leaf litter and bark. Place cork pieces and cuttlebone. Add moss to one side of enclosure and moisten with distilled water. Add a piece of carrot or squash and you are ready for isopods!
Each kit contains:
32oz breeding enclosure
Reptanicals Isopod Breeding Substrate
Leaf litter
Sphagnum Moss
Cork pieces

*Does NOT include isopods or carrot pieces