BioActive charcoal coarse Reptanicals

Coarse Horticultural Charcoal

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Create booming
Springtail breeding habitats!
Reptanicals Coarse Horticultural Charcoal retains moisture helping to improve humidity. It filters toxins while controlling odors and bacteria and can even help improve drainage. These large chunks provide ample surface area with lots of pockets for springtails and isopods mancae to safely lay their eggs giving the optimal environment for a fast booming culture!
Contains 1 Pint of Charcoal
(enough to start 2x or 3x 8oz Springtail cultures)
Ingredients:  Natural Coarse Hardwood Charcoal. Chunks range approximately 3/4"-1 1/2" in size each.
Instructions (for springtails):  Add to8oz or larger deli cup. Moisten with distilled water. Add springtail species of choice. Feed with Reptanicals Springtail Feast
Instructions (for enclosure):  Add to enclosure by placing on top or partially bury within substrate. Moisten charcoal if applied to dry enclosure.


Aren't Smaller charcoal chunks better for springtails?
...The reasoning behind this is because they have more surface area? Right? 
Truth is, with many of the small chunk charcoal on the market, the charcoal is already starting to degrade. The fabulous tiny pockets in the surface that the springtails lay their eggs in and juveniles hide in, have collapsed and the charcoal is beginning to turn to dust. When this happens there is actually far less usable surface area for the springtails to live on.

This is why we produce our own Reptanicals Coarse Horticultural Charcoal for our springtails. Our sustainable sourced all natural hardwood charcoal comes in large chunks (about 1+"), providing ample surface area for springtails to flourish.

Can I feed my springtails plain brewers yeast?

You can, but it is an inadequate diet. For cultures that boom bigger, faster feed Reptanicals Springtail Feast. Our biologist developed formula is an all natural, high quality, nutrient dense, complete diet. But don't take our word for it... let your cultures do the talking.


Need Springtails Now? Go bio-active with Reptanicals  Springtail Cultures today!
Don't forget to feed them what they need.... Reptanicals Springtail Feast!