Reptanicals Bug Bedding Substrate

Bug Bedding

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Reptanicals Bug Bedding has been formulated by biologists to create the optimal invertebrate substrate blend. This is not your average ABG or similar style mix. Our custom soilless media is a nutritious, moisture retaining mix packed with carbon and our proprietary 6 mineral blend. Designed to create the perfect living environment, by offering critical calcium and other nutrients, holding moisture for proper molting, which encourages invertebrates, insects and arthropods to thrive. Ideal for isopods (including tropical species such as cubaris), digging and burrowing insects and animals.

 Instructions: For isopods and smaller burrowing insects: offer 1-2 inches of Bug Budding. Replace when substrate has been consumed and replaced by frass. For tarantulas and larger invertebrates: offer 3-4 inches depending on animals size, bedding should be deep enough that the animal can comfortably create a burrow that is larger than themselves and at least 2-3 inches below the surface of the substrate.

Going bio-active? Our Bug Bedding creates an ideal environment for springtails too!


Comes in a 1 qt bag.