Dried Mealworms Reptanicals, dried meal worms

Dried Mealworms

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 Reptanicals Dried Mealworms will quickly become your pets favorite snack-and for good reason! Packed with essential protein, fat and minerals they will sure be begging for more and you will feel great providing them with something natural and nutritious.

Reptanicals Dried Mealworms Guaranteed Analysis
Ingredients:  Freeze-dried Meal worms
Feeding Instructions:  Feed 2-6 Mealworms per meal/snack depending on size and species of animal. Always Feed the appropriate amount of food for size of the animal. Mealworms can be broken into tiny pieces for smaller animals.
For a Complete Diet:  We recommend using Reptanicals Isopod Feast in combo with Reptanicals Dried Mealworms , live insects, fresh leafy greens, vegetables, or pelleted diets depending on the species-to create a complete and balanced diet.