Button Quail Eggs

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Button Quail Eggs are collected from Reptanicals' farm daily to provide a fresh high protein, calcium rich and densely nutritious alternative to standard feeders.  Button quail eggs are one of the most sought after delicacies by wild snakes and lizards and yield nutrition similar to a pinky mouse. Our eggs are high in Calcium, vitamin A and Riboflavin and are readily accepted by tegus, a multitude of snakes, monitors, and other large lizards. Offering raw or boiled eggs yields a diet more akin to what your reptile would encounter in the wild.  Our eggs are cared for by top biologists in a complex breeding program designed to provide the healthiest possible eggs with maximum quality genetics. Our eggs ship fertile, giving you the ability to incubate and hatch premium quality live feed at home, or even keep as pets!

 Button Quail hatchlings will be around the size of a quarter and are around 4 inches when fully grown. You can expect a mix of colors with these adorable ground dwellers from Red Breasted (Darth Vader), Silvers, to gorgeous Wild type patterns. Full of personality, these birds are active, gentle and easy to care for.

We currently have an 85% hatch rate in house
- Grade A Quail eggs
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Note regarding Hatching Eggs:
Eggs are securely packed in foam. However, the shipping process can be stressful for them. Should the eggs be dropped or handled too roughly, air sacs can become displaced, split or rupture completely. For this reason, eggs that are intended to be hatched should be allowed to settle in a cool, dark place for 24hrs before being placed into an incubator. Incubator should run 24hrs prior to addition of eggs. See our page on Hatching Eggs for more information.
Egg Handlers Lic: CA-4951