Cleaner Crews

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Instantly create self cleaning bio-active tanks when you add our Reptanicals Cleaner Crews kit to your terrarium. Reptanicals' organic isopod and springtail Cleaner Crews are complete ready to go kits for going Bio-Active today! Simply add one kit for each 10 gallons of enclosure size. Suitable for new or inhabited set-ups.
Your CHOICE of 4 different species of Isopods!
Each kit contains: 20+ Isopods, adults & juveniles of chosen species
300+ Springtails
Sphagnum Moss
Cork pieces
Breeding substrate
26oz isopod enclosure
Suggested uses:
Powder Orange - feces, mold clean-up (suggested for geckos and tropical species)
Powder Blues - insect parts/uneaten protein clean-up (suggested for iguanas and snakes)
Roly Polys - wood mold and plant rot clean up (suggested for forest floor and arid enclosures)
Dwarf Whites - soil structure improvement, microbe clean-up (suggested for planted tanks and juvenile scorpions/spiders enclosures)
See our page on Going Bio-Active for more information.