Blue toy isopod for sale Dangomushi 01
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Blue "Dumpling" Armadillidium Isopod Figure (Dangomushi 01)

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Blue Armadillidium Isopod Figurine by Bandai

From Bandai's first installment of the Dangomushi line comes the Armadillidium Isopod movable figurine in solid blue! The classic "Roly Poly" Armadillidium vulgare - Perfect for anyone who adores isopods but can not keep them, or as a great show piece for those who have tons of cultures but want a big isopod "pet" they can hold in their hand. Isopods in the Dangomushi line are known for their ingenious design, and for their unique ability to be unrolled and rolled into a ball - just like they would in nature. 

You will receive a new, unopened Dangomushi figure in factory sealed plastic from Bandai. The figures roll into their own ‘gashapon’ capsules, negating the need for a capsule, reducing plastic waste. They come with a paper from Bandai - written in Japanese. 

Only a limited number of these toys were produced and they were all pre-sold to distributors prior to being made. All the Dangomushi figurines are only released in Japan and can be difficult to find.  Figurine is great for education, but intended for adults. This figure is considered the "rare" offering from its release, came from the very first Dangomushi installment, and as such, is highly sought after.


Species: Armadillidium vulgare

Length: 14 cm

Approx. Scale: 7:1

Material: Plastic

Manufacturer: Bandai

Country of Release: Japan




Additional figures not included. Shown for reference purposes only.