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8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal
ordered this 8oz culture from them about half of a month ago. it came in with TONS of springtails in it, and it even came with a sample of their springtail food, instructions on how to care for and/or return the culture if necessary. i was very satisfied with my purchase and will totally buy again!!
                                                                - Alexi  Longview, TX
Reptanicals Customer review
15ct Zebra Isopods (Armadillidium maculatum)
Super impressed! Through a miscommunication with the post office and no fault of the seller, my isopods and springtails ended up stuck at the post office for a week! I was devastated when I realized and felt so guilty for leaving them for so long. Picked them up today and there were very few casualties, with both the pods and springtails being super active! I’ve got them in my terrarium now and I’m very excited to watch them flourish! Love the care sheets too!!
                                                                - Chloe Belding, MI
15ct Zebra Isopods (Armadillidium maculatum)
Reptanicals was very helpful when it came to my concerns about shipping and temperatures. They did an amazing job at securely packaging my order and my isopods were all healthy with no casualties. I also recommend their isopod food. All of my isopods love it!
                                                                - Anthony Vallejo, CA
1.3oz Isopod Feast

The isopods love it! I have clowns, peaches, and dwarf whites in a planted terrarium. I put a couple pinches of this down with a little of the spring tail powder sprinkled on top and they all came running out to chow down! Makes feeding my bugs way easier and super convenient.

                                                                - Lizbeth  Bakersfield, CA


Reptanicals review


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat

Arrived in good condition. I was able to split the culture into 3 habitats and their flourishing! Definitely recommend for anyone wanting to start a bioactive enclosure or anyone wanting to keep isopods!

                                                                - Newman  Portland, OR


1.8oz Wound Care 

I just tried the product an my crested gecko loved it. It already started to help the shedding problem. Will definitely buy again and I highly recommend this seller!! Thank you

                                                                - Hanna  Vallejo, CA


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal

Very pleased. Received lots of springtails that were “alive”. They little buggers were sent with a cold pack to keep them fresh. I’ve ordered from a reputable company recently and just got dead springtails. I am a satisfied customer. They added a coupon for next purchase. Can’t wait to add these into me terrarium. I recommend this shop. Thank you

                                                                - Angelique  Corona, CA


25ct Powder Orange Isopods (Porcellio pruinosus)

Isopods? Springtails? Supplies for both? Reptanicals is the ONLY place to go!

                                                                - Sara  Hixson, TX


Reptanicals review


20ct Dairy Cow Isopods (Porcellio laevis) U- Pick Bundle

awesome experience, pods and springtails arrived 100% alive. temp check for shipping was much appreciated.
                                                                - Jamie  Salt Lake City, UT


1.8oz Prolapse Care 

Bruce says thank you for the salve, he's doing a lot better now.

                                                                - Robert  San Diego, CA


Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 

Came a day early, packaged so well, and with food samples! Everyone was alive and lively! Would definitely order again! Thank you!!
                                                                - Mikey Tacoma, WA


Bioactive Bundle: 20+ Powder Orange isopod, 20+ Dairy Cow, 300+ Springtails
really all it claims to be all showed up in healthy order and have already produced a plethora of babies from the 3 colonies I have started with them

                                                                 - Ryan Gulf Shores, AL


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal
Thriving healthy culture with a ton of springtails! Total quality, would buy again

                                                                  - Chris Longmont, CO


Reptanicals Isopod Feast review


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal 

completely blown away!
                                                                  - Emad Stockton, CA


1.8oz Wound Care 

I can't thank you enough! The scales are finally growing back on our basilisk's nose!

                                                                - Jeannine  Mendocino, CA


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat    

Included a cold-pack and all springtails arrived alive! Thank you!
                                                                - Luis  Cincinnati, OH
Isopod Feast customer review
8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat    
The culture arrived alive, healthy and early. They were moving all around as soon as I opened the bowl. I added them to my snail terrarium they’re doing wonderful. The packaging was very nice. 
                                                                - Christopher  Fort Worth, TX
8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat    
A great order, and reliable delivery! I had an issue with my post office that worried me, and they helped me through it. The post office held them for longer than necessary and I was worried they had died. But they had packed the springtails really well, with a ice pack and information. So the buggies were perfectly fine. Now chilling in my tank! Thanks so much!
                                                                - Robby  Dallas, TX


1.8oz Prolapse Care 

Prolapse salve worked in 1 treatment! This stuff is great. Goodbye hours/days of sugar soaking!

                                                                - Liz  Miami, FL

    Reptanicals Cricket Feast Review


20ct Dairy Cow Isopods (Porcellio laevis) U- Pick Bundle
Ordered Dairy Cows and springtails. Both were packed super well and everyone arrived in perfect condition, medium moistened and the Cows even had some carrot to nibble on for the trip as well as water pearls. The seller even gave me a little packet of food for them with instructions on portion sizes and I couldn't be happier. I personally recommend buying from reptanicals.
                                                                - Ami  Philadelphia, PA


1.8oz Mite & Fungal Care 

Mite Care worked on my Retic that had a troublesome mite problem for weeks.

                                                                - Isaiah  Menifee, CA


Bioactive Bundle: 20+ Powder Orange isopod, 20+ Dairy Cow, 300+ Springtails

So happy with my order. Very well packaged. Everything was alive and healthy. Care sheets were included. Very satisfied. Will be ordering from Reptanicals again!
                                                                - Jenn  Auburn, NY
Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 
Great experience! both isopods and springtails came in very lively. The packaging was superb. Will absolutely be buying from again.
                                                                - Josly  Marysville, IN
Reptanicals Springtail Feast Customer Review
Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 
They were all alive! Better than others I've bought microfauna from. Quick shipping and great packaging! Also love the food samples that came with. Will definitely order from you again when I need more. Thanks!
                                                                - Jason  Omaha, NE


2ml Wound Care 

I got my gecko from a rescue and his toes were all mangled. Wound Care is EXACTLY what I was looking for, how perfect :p Excited to see how it works.

                                                                - Stephanie  Danville, IL


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal 

Super fast shipping and securely packaged. My little springtails arrived healthy, even after going through the mail in the winter. A+++++
                                                                - Shaefer  Casper, WY
Reptanicals Isopod Feast Customer review


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat

Springtail cultures were absolutely hopping. Thank you.

                                                                - Jarret  Highland, IN


4oz Supple Shell 

Supple shell made tortoise look very shiny and pretty.

                                                                - Aayush  Los Angeles, CA


1.8oz Wound Care 

The people from Reptanicals were so nice to us at Repticon. We asked a lot of questions and they answered all of them including the stupid ones. Good info, good deals. Thanks.

                                                                - Dean  San Bernadino, CA


1.8oz Wound Care 

My sister sent me a jar of your Wound Care by Reptanicals for my ball python who rubs her head against the screen. Not sure if it's working yet but it covers the wound well and keeps the bedding from getting in there. She didn't mind me putting it on one bit!

                                                                - Linda  Saratoga Springs, NY

2ml Wound Care 

Used it on my water dragon that is always left with 'shed gloves' that stick around and usually need to be soaked off. Worked great.

                                                                - Kelley  Phoenix, AZ


Reptanicals Isopod Feast Review


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat

I just want to let you know I received the springtails and they seem ok…got held at post office for 2 days. I love everything about this transaction…the packaging, the information and instructions included, the invoice, the instagram to follow…it’s all so nice!!! THANK YOU

                                                                - Kelsi  Salt Lake City, UT


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat

Thank you so much they arrived alive and plentiful. Thank you for the amazing packing as well

                                                                 - Raf  Twin Falls, ID


Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 

Great for the price! Shipping was prompt and everything came alive and healthy (i am also in cold weather!)

                                                                 - Eldon  Niagra, NY  


25ct Powder Orange Isopods (Porcellio pruinosus)  

Isopods are doing great and the geckos really seem to like them!

                                                                - Christie  Las Vegas, NV


1.8oz Wound Care 

I bought a jar of Wound Care at a reptile expo for my bearded dragon with a burn. I really think it helped with the pain and it kept his crickets from messing with the wound. TY

                                                                - John  Santa Rosa, CA


Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 

Amazing packaging even though ups delayed my delivery by one day they were packaged so well isopods and springtails survived plus came with food will be purchasing again

                                                                - Ebony  St. Paul, MN


25ct Powder Orange Isopods (Porcellio pruinosus)  

Shipped fast, all isopods/springtails arrived alive, and they were brilliantly packed. Thank you so much!

                                                                 - Adam  Sioux Falls, SD


2ml Wound Care 

Healing salve worked well. I liked that it didn't smell.

                                                                - Jarome  Aurora, CO


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat

great seller! springtails were packaged well and I appreciate the springtail food sample!

                                                                - Ross  Seattle, WA


15ct Giant Canyon Isopods (Porcellio dilatatus)  

Arrived in a flash. Healthy and happy crew are now ensconced safely in my terrarium. This was an excellent transaction!
                                                                - Caleb  Davenport, IA


1.8oz Wound Care 

OMG thank you so much! Rizzo is doing so much better now that she is being treated with Wound Care

                                                                - Sierra  Redmond, WA


50+ Dairy Cow Isopods (Porcellio laevis)

These were held at the post office for almost 5 days and they all still arrived alive! No DOAs :) they look rlly healthy and active! Thank you :)
                                                                - Rae  Racine, WI

Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 

arrived early, everyone was alive and well, even came with a free food kit, sticker, and a wound care packet

                                                                - Mickie  Danville, IL


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal 

Excellent service and springtails! I was worried about our weather -- it's been abnormally warm where I live for fall/winter, but a cold front came through after the order was shipped and I was concerned about the springtails not making it. The seller did a FANTASTIC job with labeling and packaging (along with a heat pack). The springtails arrived alive and super active!! I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!

                                                                - Deana  Bowling Green, KY


1.8oz Prolapse Care 

Good Stuff. Hemipene went back in

                                                                - Daniel  Fort Bragg, CA


25+ Dairy Cow Isopods (Porcellio laevis)

Wow they arrived extremely fast and I ordered a few days before Christmas. They are very healthy and the packaging was really good! I was hesitant to order but so happy with the whole experience 100/10!
                                                                - Steve  New York, NY
Bioactive Bundle: 20+ Powder Orange isopod, 20+ Dairy Cow, 300+ Springtails
Amazing packing, no DOA’s- definitely buying again!
                                                                - Hector  Flagstaff, AZ


1.8oz Wound Care 

Finally medicine for my reptiles that's not full of chemicals! Our holistic household salutes you Reptanicals! Thanks for keeping it organic!

                                                                - Jenna  Grants Pass, OR


Bioactive Intro Pack: 15+ Powder Orange isopods, 400+ Springtails 

Awesome they arrived live and healthy and awesome shipping practices if needed will order again thanks

                                                                - Rod  Tulsa, OK


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Charcoal 

Thank you so much! Arrived after a huge shipping delay, very alive due to careful packaging

                                                                 - Amy  Providence, RI   


8oz Tropical White Springtails in Peat

Very fast shipping, packed great, a lot more than 400 springtails!!

                                                                 - Winnie  Phoenix, AZ   


1.8oz Wound Care 

I put Wound Care on my cresty when hers wouldn't come off. The creamy consistency was so nice I put some on myself to. Now it's my new go-to moisturizer.

                                                                - Asa  Long Beach, CA


4oz Supple Shell Care 

Started using this on my rescue Sulcata about two months ago and it seems to be working so far. Shell definitely looks and feels more hydrated. I warm it up before applying because the grooves between scutes are so deep, and she seems to like it applied warm. 

                                                                - Pete  San Diego, CA