Melanogaster (Flightless) Fruit Flies

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Reptanicals captive bred flightless Drosophila Melanogaster fruit flies are a genetic mutation of their flighted cousins that have been bred for the pet industry. At full size, our flies are compatible to pinhead crickets and are a perfect meal for tiny geckos, frogs, scorpions, spiders, and hatch-ling reptiles like chameleons.
Each established, self-sustaining 32oz culture includes: eggs, larve/pupae, 50-80+ adult flies, food, water, and excelsior. Cultures can produce up to 500-1000+ flies.
Keep your culture going indefinitely with our Reptanicals Fruit Fly Kits!
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Reptanicals takes pride in keeping our breeding facilities clean and free of any pests. Unlike some of our competitors, our cultures don't come with mites!
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