Cleaner Breeder Box

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  Reptanicals' Isopod Cleaner Breeding Box is the perfect set-up for keeping a thriving colony of isopods on hand. Perfect for isopod loving creatures such as geckos, skinks, frogs, and arachnids. This complete live kit comes with enclosure, bark, cork pieces, cuttlebone for calcium, and moss in our house blend of organic Reptanicals Isopod Breeding Substrate, plus over a months supply of premium Reptanicals Springtail Feast (a $5.99 value included FREE). Ready to go, no set-up required. Feed culture weekly and keep one side of the enclosure moist - that's it!
Each kit contains: 20+ Isopods, adults & juveniles
300+ Springtails
Sphagnum Moss
Cork pieces
Breeding substrate
 Springtail Food - 0.5 oz
large isopod enclosure

Suggested uses:
Powder Orange - feces clean-up
Powder Blues - insect parts/uneaten protein clean-up
Roly Polys - wood mold and plant rot clean up
Dwarf Whites - soil structure improvement, microbe clean-up
See our page on Going Bio-Active for more information.